20 Activities That Will Help You Relax

There are lots of stressing things in our busy lives. We might be living in beautiful places but for sure we know that we need to do some activities that will help us feel better. On that note, here are some suggested activities that will hopefully help you to relax:

1. Bike:

If you know how to ride a bike, riding it for a couple of minutes or hours makes you feel relaxed. It feels like all of your stress and thoughts about work, school, and other commitments are being washed away as the wind touches your face. It would be quite challenging if you don’t know how to ride a bike, but it is worth a try!

2. Binge watch your favorite shows:

With all the things running through your head that consumes all your creative juices, you need an activity that will not stress you anymore. Watching your favorite movies, series or clips will probably help you chill even just for a moment.

3. Eat healthy food: 

I don’t know if eating is a recreational activity in the first place. Nevertheless, if you want to feel good and even better, it would be nice if you start with eating healthy food or engaging in a healthier lifestyle.

4. Enjoy the night sky:

Nothing beats the beauty of nature, and one of the pleasant things to watch is the night sky. Just look how the moon shines so bright, as well as how the stars light up the dark. It might be quite disappointing if there are lots of cable wires and other stuff that hinders the excellent view.

5. Exercise:

If you are bored and got nothing to do, and you want to relax exercise. You don’t have to hit a gym to say that you are exercising. You can check out some work out videos online or clean your place in Vermosa or wherever you are. Cleaning up is a good exercise, too!

6. Follow dance videos (or just dance):

We don’t have to be professional dancers to dance. If you want to have a fun, chill and enjoy, why not try it, right? Set yourself free and footloose!

7. Go for karaoke:

Aside from dancing, singing is probably one of the Filipinos’ favorite thing to do. Actually, we are very known to be a country of singers. But no pressure for that! No matter how bad you are in singing, the karaoke machines do not judge.

8. Have yourself a massage:

Getting a massage is one of the best feelings in the world, especially if you have been craving for relaxation. There are lots of affordable yet quality spa, but if you don’t have any budget for it, you may ask your friend or relative to do it for you (for free, hopefully!)

9. Listen to music:

With all the hassle and bustle we experience every day, we need something constant that will soothe our souls – music. Like what they say, earphones in, music on and volume up; we don’t give a damn about this world anymore. Music is one of the best company and escape we could ever ask for in this life.

10. Meditate and be mindful: 

Two of the best ways to relax your mind is to practice mindfulness, and meditation. True enough, the world might be harsh and tiring, and more often than not, the battle rests in our heads. Therefore, we should know how to trick or calm our minds in whatever situation given to us.

11. Meet your friends (or create new connections): 

Getting to know other people and our friends even better is an excellent way to consume our time well. If you are an extrovert, this might be a less hassle thing for you, but if not, maybe this is an opportunity for you to widen your connections.

12. Play board games:

Before the coming of age of technology, there were these board games to be our company. Playing board games do not require an Internet connection to work. You need yourself and some playmates, and everything else will be fine.

13. Read books:

We might be reading all our lives, but it is because we are asked to do so – maybe in work or for school. On the other hand, reading as leisure is another thing. It is relaxing and at the same time opening your minds to the different world of knowledge, fantasy or whatnot.

14. Spend more time with nature:

There are lots of activities in which you may engage with nature – stroll in a park, photography session, trekking, hiking, and more. You will enjoy it, even more, you would disconnect yourself to different distractions you have (i.e., mobile phones!)

15. Start writing:

Aside from reading, writing not for school and work is another recommended thing to do. It helps you release or use your creative mind. You may start writing in your journal or diary, or maybe begin with your planner. You may also explore different kinds of literature like poems, novels, and short stories.

16. Swim:

Some people are calmed by the sound of the waves of the sea or the touch of the water on their body. Swimming is indeed one of the most relaxing things to do. You may need a lot at least 30 minutes to swim around.

17. Try painting:

Again, we don’t need to be pro just to try out something new. Don’t be shy to use your old brush and paint. Use it in a canvass or maybe just in a plain paper. Who knows you might have a hidden Picasso in you.

18. Visit museums and temples:

If you like to learn more about the beauty of the world, one of the best places to go to are museums and temples. More than the facts that you need to know, you will also get the vibes that you are looking for.

19. Volunteer:

Instead of wasting your time on doing nothing (but if you think this is helpful to you, then fine), why not focus your attention and energy on doing something worthwhile and for the good of many?

20. Wait for sunrise or sunset:

Witnessing something as majestic as the sunrise and sunset gives joy to our hearts. Why not grab your breakfast earlier than the usual while seeing the sunrise? Or maybe chill with your favorite drinks while the sun is going down?

There you go! With this list, do you think there are other recreational activities that will help you chill? Let us know, and maybe you can save other peoples’ lives, too!

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