Almora: What to See and What to Do

An exquisite hilltop town blessed with a sanguine and relaxing climate, Almora offers the superb blend of ingredients for an energizing holiday recipe. Existing since many hundred years, the lovely town retains its charisma bestowed by its carved wooden facades, cobbled roads, age-old shrines and heart-stirring picturesque beauties.

almora uttarakhand

Perched well over 1600 meters, Almora is one of the oldest hill resorts, nestled in the heart of Uttarakhand. With plenty of natural splendor and tranquil ambiance, this place promises a captivating and blissful experience for its guests.

Let’s take a ride to this exotic hill station and explore the miracles veiled inside it…

Chitai Temple- A must-explore for devotees!

A landmark in Almora, Chitai temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Local folks have immense faith in this shrine. It is mentioned in history that the holy place was built by Chand dynasty. One of the most magnetizing features of Chitai is its large bunch of bells hanging in the main place. Devotees who come here usually hang the bell and make a wish, as a part of rituals. Tersely, your trip to Almora is incomplete without exploring the spirituality of this place.

Deer Park- Witness Wilderness at Its Best!

Fed up with pines and mountains in Almora? How about flinging off in a bit of thrill of the wild diversity? Deer Park, located 3kms away from Almora is an ideal place to sink into the rich beauty of nature. Come to Deer Park and enjoy an exciting walk through flocks of deer and possibly you can come across a beer or leopard, but be a bit careful!

Jageshwar-Get Some Adrenaline Rush!

Situated at 5400 ft, above the sea level, the mountainous land of Almora is a fine fusion of scenic Himalayan mountain beauty, gushing rivers, quaint cottages, dense forests and picturesque valleys. Take a peaceful walk which is a unique experience in itself and can easily take you out from the puddle of stress. The main attractions on this trek are Vridh Jageshwar, Kasar Devi Temple, Rhododendron trees and Jageshwar Temple complex.

Jageshwar temple

Lala Bazaar- Shop till you Drop!

Shopping in Almora is undoubtedly a memorable experience and Lala Bazaar offers you with a rich assortment of shopping facilities. From brass ware items to mouth-watering sweets, you can buy any items at this place. As a keen foodie, you should not forget to sink your teeth into the famous sweets of this place. No matter you wish to buy metal utensils, decorative pieces, woolen clothes, brass items, or other things, you will surely grab beyond your expectations.

almora market

Bright End Corner- Take a catnap in the lap of nature!

Serene, resplendent and laidback, this place has been catching the fancy of nature lovers due to its amazing sunset and sunrise views. The mounting moon and the melting sun, breathtaking pictures of orangish red wringing the drops of Mother Nature’s are impressive enough from Bright End Corner. This is the perfect place where you can witness the wonderful combo of dawn and dusk.

almora uttaranchal

No matter you wish to go off the rugged beaten track or wish to travel by the same road, Almora is the place to be. So, go ahead, and garner rocky memories!