10 Amazing Suggestions For Solo Travellers

Can I make it to that place alone? How can I survive traveling alone? Do I have to be afraid of this idea? Or should I just cancel my plans and stay at home?  

Wait a minute, my friend. Are you planning on travelling alone but hesitating to do so? Hmmm, don’t worry because this isn’t a horrible idea to take. if you are off to go solo travel, then you must read all these to give enlightenment in your curiosity.  So, let’s begin and you better start packing!


If you’re about to travel alone, then planning and saving in advance would be the most ideal part you shouldn’t forget. Since there would be no one to do brainstorming with you, might as well do it as early as you can.

This is for you to have ample time looking for a perfect and nearest hotel, restaurant, entertainment, and recreation places before you step on the state or city you’re visiting. Also, you would have more time to work for a more pleasing stature and save an enough amount for your pocket money.


If you want to have a lighter feeling while away from home, then don’t take too much weight on your baggage. Choose only those that are meant to be in your bag.

Don’t do overpacking because you may have no room for the clothes or souvenir that you would get from the place you’re visiting. Also, and obviously, there would be no one to help you to carry those bags unless you have stunning muscles to carry it all by yourself.


Absolutely, don’t be negligent on putting up some space for a first aid kit. Remember that you’re going to a place where you’re unfamiliar and unknown to people.

Of course, you must do a research as to where to find the nearest police stations, hospitals, and other centres that could help you with your concerns. However, minor accidents such as bruises, dizziness, or unexpected sickness may occur whether you want it or not.


If you’re used to depending on others, then you must now break that ideology. You’re now on your own and nobody would do the task for you. All you have to do is to believe in yourself.

Believe in yourself that you can be happy without having someone to make you so, and you can explore the world only with your backpack and camera.


It’s usual nowadays, that loners in public places are being judged as lonely people for not having someone to laugh with, to enjoy food with, and everything. Despite this kind of judgment, all you need to do is to ignore them.

Always keep in mind that you can be happy without having someone in front of your table. Enjoy and savour the foods, enjoy every inch of the foods on the table and think like there are no people in the place except you.


Don’t ever waste a minute of your precious time. You’re there to enjoy and to do things that you don’t usually do at home. Don’t get locked up in your hotel playing video games or surfing – enough of that.

Move and get out to the crowd. Travel as far as you can and explore as many places as you can. Make every second, every minute, and every little time you have worthy and full of adventures.


Don’t be afraid with the local people, in fact, you have to make them as your friends. They could help you with your concerns or you can simply add them on the long list of your friends.

Some may cook for you, may offer you free accommodations, or simply guide you on your travel concerns. How to start? Smile and say hi, if they have a different language, then learn their language.


The most crucial part of travelling alone – taking photos. You might get used to having someone to take photos for you, but this time you have to go beyond the boundaries and learn to take your photos alone.

Yes, it’s really hard, but come on, there’s the magical selfie stand for you! Selfie stand and selfie stick are a perfect mate when you go solo travel and don’t like going home without photos. Know your angle, and take a good shot.


Don’t act like a kid without someone to put his pacifiers on his mouth. Be proud that you’ve made it go solo travel. Not everyone can live alone far away from home, yes, even only for a count of days.

Travelling alone isn’t something you should be afraid of, it’s worth trying and fulfilling. That’s why you have to cherish your own company and make lots of good memories.


Even you do it alone, you still have the wisdom to take and lessons to get from solo travelling. You must only open your heart and your mind from every little thing you do under the sun.

You might learn how to communicate with people more than you could ever do before, or you simply learn to appreciate life even in times of being away from home. There are so many things and realizations that may come up to you once you went far away from home alone which you would thank yourself for.


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Kath Ramirez is a journalism graduate who aims to turn her dreams into her passion. Her love for writing started when she was seven years old, reading illustrated books. Writing articles, reading books, and dancing is her passion and she breathes into life with these. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays and a food addict but health conscious. She now works as a writer for West HQ, one of the best travel locations in the heart of Western Sydney.

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