Art Galleries, Exhibitions are Great Places to Meet People & Go On Dates!

It is quite difficult for many men to find an ideal place to date a woman. How is it possible to not finding a perfect place for dating in such a big world? The reason is that they had never been to an art gallery or private showing and exhibition opening event. These make the best date spots in terms of space, affordability and time.

An art gallery gives a great opportunity to meet new people and talk in a calm and soothing environment. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your partner or wish to find someone special, an art exhibition space will provide a setting and facilitate this process. Here are a few tips for both who have knowledge of art and who don’t have, to enjoy dating in their art gallery trip:

Choose Sensibly Which Art Gallery You Want to Go

The foremost thing before going on a date is to choose the place wisely. If you live in a city that is full of a variety of art galleries, museums or exhibitions, give some thought to it which one would be more apt for you.

If You Are an Art Expert

It is extremely easy for an art expert to impress his date. However, when you are with your partner, who does not have much knowledge about art, it is not wise to flaunt your extensive art-vocabulary or your years of experience of art history. You don’t need such background at all to talk about art with your companion.  Instead, you can ask her- does she like it? What does she feel or think about it? How does she think it was built or painted? and other such questions.

A Trick For One Who Loves to Impress but Not an Art Expert

If you do not have strong knowledge about certain sculptures or art, you can still go to an art gallery and have a perfectly good time with the one you are dating. Most art galleries or exhibitions have their highlights from their art collection on their website. Read information about a piece online. Then, when you happen upon that particular artwork with your date, you can tell her about the piece in a startling and delighted tone, and your date will be completely impressed. Afterward, you can casually say to her that you’ve heard about it in an art history class you took. Well, yes, it’s a lie but a good lie.

If You Are Visiting an Art Gallery to Find a Partner or Meet People

If you are visiting an art gallery just to meet people or find a partner, you can still impress them with your knowledge. It is not necessary that all men and women visiting in art galleries are artists themselves.  People of all professions go the exhibitions or art galleries not only for their interest and curiosity in the art world, but to meet new people. If you encounter a girl you feel is interested in you, instead of telling her your “true” profession, you can give her a business card that contains your contact number. You can tell her that you are an art-lover or a gallery enthusiast, and often visit in such places.

If you are afraid to initiate a conversation with a girl, you can ask her about the piece instead of telling her about it. It is a perfect ice breaker, and will make you sound more fascinating and less pretentious. Later, you can ask her- why did she choose this specific art gallery or exhibition? What are her favorite artworks? Or What is her favorite part of the sculpture or painting? Also, it is very much important to know when to quit. In case, the girl seems not interested in talking to you, let it go and do not linger around her.

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