Best Way to Propose a Guy

Not all guys are open-mouthed and straightforward. Some guys are shy while others are confused since they are not sure about your feelings. So if you have been in a friendship with a guy with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, it’s time to take your friendship to the next step. Men sometimes find it difficult to express their feelings. Including, proposing to you.

In such circumstances, you don’t have to go on waiting for him to propose you. You can propose him too. If you don’t know, let us tell you, in Scotland, according to the tradition which was brought over to the country by the Irish Monks, women propose on leap day. But you don’t have to be Scottish to follow the same tradition. You can also do this.

Best Way to Propose A Guy

Know about your guy

Get all the detailed information if possible about your guy. Talk to his school friends, old friends, parents and everyone possible who is closer to him. Ensure he is single. It would be even great if you come to cross the truth that he also likes you. Get prepared and then follow the next step.

Choose the right time

Right time could be anything whether his birthday. His first day to the job, your birthday or anything that justifies that special moment. Better check his availability. And do the rest of the plannings accordingly.

Pick the right place

Make sure you better pick a place that is sentimental to both of you. Or you can also take him a place you know he loves. Ideally, it has to to be a peaceful and quiet place which is far away from the hustle and bustle of human hurry and noise. Avoid busy places such as theatres, coffee shop, and malls, unless you are sure that he won’t mind it at all.

Rehearse your wordings

Remember, once the words slept out of your mouth, they won’t come back and can go by a far. So before you eventually plan to speak out those three magical words, see what they are exactly going to be. Do you have a better script to touch his heart? Open your heartfelt feelings for him and give him a strong reason(s) why and what you love him…

Endow him a symbolic gift

On this special moment, a symbolic gift is how you win in proposing to him. You can gift him a bracelet, pocket watch, engraved ring, and even a necklace when it comes to jewellery for a man. Since you know him best, you can opt for anything special you think he will love to receive.

Be prepared for rejection

When it comes to the proposal, a persona has to be prepared for both, best and worst. Though we recommend you to be positive throughout the process. However, you should also have to be ready for his ‘NO’. Though it’s a bit painful this is what life is all about. Love is something that cannot be earned forcefully. It’s a natural process that happens only when it is meant to happen.

Best of Luck!

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