3 Flower Festivals in Spain That You Must-See

Spain is a fun-filled and lively place to live. And the most amazing part of this place comes from it is spellbinding and charming festivals and fiestas all over the year. Every small town or village has their own, beautiful and unique celebrations.

You can find something unforgettable in this country in your every visit. But visiting this place during the spring season is the cherry on the cake for all those who love colourful flowers and their aroma in the air. If you really want to enjoy your holiday in this vivid country, you should not miss seeing these 3 flower festivals in Spain:

3 Flower Festivals in Spain –

  1. Cordoba Patio festival 
  2. Girona Flower Festival – Temps de Flors 
  3. Battle of the flower, Cantabria

1. Cordoba Patio festival

Spain flower festival - Patios de Cordoba, Spain's Prettiest Flower Festival

May is the special month of the year when private Cordoba homes open up their lovely courtyards to display their beautiful patios for the people to see. This colourful fair is known as Cordoba Patios festival and it starts off with a parade called as the “Battle of Flowers”. You can visit this place for free and enjoy the friendly Patio contests. Every year, a huge number of tourists visit this country to participate in this mesmerizing festival.

Not only plant lovers but people with different tastes will also enjoy their time in this city. This festival will not only offer a visual treat of vibrant flowers Spain, ceramic decorations and stone mosaics but also showcases the classic scents of Cordoba. Also, During the flower competition, you can also enjoy the festival of music and dance performances.

Moreover, Cordoba is also famous for its delicious dishes, exciting culture, interesting history and beautiful attractions. So, once you get exhausted of watching all the exquisiteness of this place, you can chill with some Cordoba scrumptious specialities and a glass of local wine.

2. Girona Flower Festival – Temps de Flors

Flower Festival - Spain house home flowers pots

Have you ever seen a place or city decorated with beautiful colourful flowers? Every year, in the month of May, the gorgeous city of Girona reveals a visual feast of multicoloured flowers. Moreover, the exotic scent of these beautiful flowers blossom into the air and fill the streets of the city for a few days.  If you really want to give a real gift to your senses or wishing a thrilling experience, you must see this Temps de Flors exhibition in the Girona city.

Apart from flower showcasing, you can also enjoy the city’s wonderful historical and architectural heritage. Moreover, this place will also entertain you with its special gastronomic offerings in several of the city’s restaurants, the A Cappella music festival, photography and film competitions. The best part of A Capella Music festival is that participants do not use instruments for background music but do it with their voices only.

3. Battle of the flower, Cantabria

Flower festivals in Spain

Unlike the tomato battle at Buñol where people throw tomatoes to the face of their “enemies”, the battle of flowers is the colourful decoration of carriages with natural flowers and petals. The only common thing in these two festivals is the that these both represent the most important festivals of Spanish village.

The creation and the preparation of the decorated carriage in the flower battle at Laredo start months ago. Every artist group has been awarded by a group of juries. They just have to comply with a few festival rules like using only natural flowers and petals, avoiding the use of plastic and paper, and maintaining the pre-defined carriage size.

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