What To Do When Your Girlfriend Is Allergic To Your Pet

Our pets are the most important part of our families that give us unconditional love and a sense of purpose. Even the presence of a pet in a house heals us mentally and physically. They are always there to listen to you when no one else is around. They show their love to you by snuggling up to you on the couch or by licking your feet.

However, you will find yourself on the fence when you discover that your partner (girlfriend/ boyfriend) has an allergy to pets. Obviously, you neither wish to get rid of your pet nor want your beloved to feel uncomfortable at home. In such a situation, you can follow a few guidelines to make a healthier relationship while maintaining your favourite pet in the house.

What you Should Do

Feed Nutritious food:

A high-quality food lessens the possibility of fur shedding in the pets, which eventually decreases allergies.  Feed your pet with digestible protein sources or raw diets to reduce as much as allergens as possible. You can ask a veterinarian about the healthy and holistic pet’s diet. Generally, dry foods such as grains, fillers, dyes or by-products cause the most allergies. If possible avoid giving such foods to your pet(s). These foods also cause leaky gut (Dysbiosis), which is responsible for swelling and shedding of pet’s hair. If your pet is suffering from leaky gut, take it to a veterinary physician for treatment.

Invest in a bed for your Pet(s):

If you buy a bed for your pets, they will like to stay in that location more. When the pet(s) starts enjoying that place, they will less likely to sit or sleep on your furniture or bed. A proper training helps the pets to stay in their own bed.

Bathe your pet weekly:

Wash your pet with a particular pet shampoo or moisturizing shampoo once in a week to prevent allergy-causing dander from shedding. You can also take a recommendation from the animal care professional or veterinarian about the right shampoo. Further, choose a cleaner from a pet store to clean up the mess quickly otherwise, the dog may construe it as right and will be encouraged to do it again.

Purchase Tightly Woven Furniture:

A furniture having a smooth surface or tightly woven fabrics make it easier to clean pet dander and fur. Such sofas also lessen the damage against paws, claws, and scratching. You can simply squeegee it to remove the pet hairs over it. Additionally, try to use washable furniture coverings as it would become easy to wash or replace its casings after your pet walks or sleeps on it.

Vacuum Regularly:

Pets shed their hair on the floor or wherever they go therefore it is advised to clean your carpets, cloth curtains, blinds, and rugs on a regular basis. Use a high-efficiency HEPA air cleaner for it to reduce the allergens. To keep the air in your home clean and fresh, you can use an air purifier for pet odors. Moreover, wash your pillows, drapes, pet beds and couch covers frequently.

What you Should Not Do

Do Not Share Your Bed with Pets:

You might pamper your pet(s) like a baby but allowing them to sleep on your pillows or bed contributes to allergy attack for the person who is vulnerable to it. Pet shed their fur and dander on the pillow covers or bed sheets. Train your dog or cat to sit on their place, like pet house or their own blanket. Gradually, they will become habitual and will not sit on your pillows or bed.

Do Not Forget Brushing your pet(s) regularly:

Brushing and combing your pets every couple of days will remove loose fur from your pet’s body. Also, do brushing outside the house as there are chances that a few hair follicles may fall to the ground or end up in the air. These shed hairs or fur stick on your furniture, clothing, drapes or ground. If you do routine brushing, it reduces the amount of fur in the air and on the floor.

Do Not Forget To take Them For Regular Veterinary Examination

: Some diseases can affect the hair coat and skin of a pet. Therefore, make sure that you take your pet to the veterinary doctor once in a month so that any health issues can be identified and treated at the early stage and more effectively.

Do Not Afraid to Recommend Your Partner an Allergy Medication:

As both of you have decided to cohabitation, it is wise to suggest your girlfriend take allergic medicine to prevent an allergic reaction upon arrival.Consider having your significant other to talk to a doctor to know about other treatments for dealing with pet allergies. Additionally, it is possible that with time your partner will develop immunity to your pet. It could take a couple of weeks or months depending on the allergy.

If you try these solutions, your partner will understand that how much efforts you are taking to comfort her and how important this pet is for you. It will not only strengthen the bond between you and your partner but will also encourage her to befriend with your pet.

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