Guide to what to do in Bangkok within 2 days?

Have you ever traveled to Bangkok? Many visitors already visiting here. But some people who may have a short time to say for just a couple days may wonder what to do in Bangkok within 2 days? The reality is there are so many things to do in Bangkok.

2 days visiting Bangkok is not enough, but if you plan well you could get the best out of your time. Let’s check with this article and read our suggestions.

What to do in Bangkok in two days for the first time visiting Bangkok

The first day in Bangkok

Among various kinds of Bangkok day tours package, I recommend to see the top highlight that make Bangkok different from other places for beginning. Certainly, the main sightseeing of your visit in the morning is Wat Pra Kaeo (Wat Prasri Rattanasasdaram) which is including the Grand Palace complex. Later on you should continue to Wat Po , the reclining Buddha temple.

Those two temples are located in the old city or The Rattanakosin island. Once you are go to one temple, you can be able to stroll on the road to check out another temple or Wat. Why do fascinating to see both temples? Wat Pra Kaeo houses the most imperative Buddha Image, call the Emerald Buddha Image or Phareaw Morrakot. The design and structure of temple mirror the high craftsmanship of Thais, To visit this place , you could admire the art of Thai art and architecture inside the Grand Palace as well.

Walking to the next sightseeing to Wat Pho, It is renounced as said to be the main college of Thailand. The library shown in the lower base script on marble plate inside pavilions of the temple compound. Numerous of pagodas , and rusidadton (hermit statues in different posture) make this temple very unique. The statues found here show the interweaved society from China. Then, visitors could go inside to visit Reclining Buddha stature which is a very huge statue and very beautiful.

In the old city area , there are many more temples and place of interest that once could visit. For example, Wat Arun, Wat Rakang and Canal trip are very nice too. If you are not a temple fan, you may go back to hotel for a break and enjoy hotel amenity . Then time to rest to adjust to accustomed to the time change.

Recommended place to visit in the second day in Bangkok

Take MRT to the park in the north of Bangkok, you’ll be go to Kampheanphet Station and walk a smidgen to teach Park (Suan Rod Fai). It is a local park that people go to exercising in the morning. However, during Saturday or Sunday, the Jatujak market (weekend Market or JJ Market) is open. The market is located right next to Suan Rod fai. After temple visit, it is now time to look for shopping and sweet gifts.

Within the Train Park (Suan Rot Fai), you can go to a point of interest, this kind of Golden Pagoda of Bangkok, (Pu-Khao Tong). Another action is always to ride the bikes within the recreation center. Additionally, there is a Butterfly Park near by. The Butterfly Park is causing the correct scene for live butterflies. There’s a presentation lobby about the life-cycle of creepy crawly. In a major confine, the scene is working to raise a few kinds of butterflies. In case you realize available the swimming pool in the lodging is exhausting, only see a recreation center.

By unwinding within the entertainment center and shopping from the Jatujak Marketing, these days it is near late evening. You might return to the Bangkok city center. Go to Baiyok Tower in Pratunam. The tower is a shopping complex. The Baiyoke Tower used to be the tallest building in Bangkok. You could enjoy the see Bangkok from the top rooftop and perhaps have dinner there.

If you still have energy and want to go wild at night . Visit Patong or Soi Cowboy is a entertainment area after dark.

These is what direction to go in Bangkok for 2 days. Regarding your first visit or many time visit. I wish you the best of the trip and if you use this as travel guideline. Your feed back is very appreciate.

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