4 Home Security Tips For Singles

Staying alone is probably one of the best occasions of life! No roommates to contend with, free from parents for few days or hours and no one tells you what to do! This means you have the apartment all by yourself with no limitations but if your home is not secure and you feel scared of staying alone then this fun experience can turn into a nightmare in no time! so if you are one among those who value privacy and independence and choose to live alone or those who have no choice but to stay alone, then you need to adhere to security tips so that you don’t feel vulnerable because of home security threats.

1. Lock it up:

Most people are not in habit of locking doors during daytime! if you are living alone you should lock your door always. If you would make a habit of locking your doors and windows then you won’t be distracted and would always lock them before going to sleep. Safety lies in your own hands and even a minute negligence can cost you much! Also, installing a smart door lock system in your home would help in keeping you safer. The smart locks have biometric locks and have no master keys!

2. Thou shalt know thy neighbour:

You should increase your bonding with your neighbours as they are the ones who are nearest to you and you can call them in time of need. This will not only increase your friend circle but would also provide an extra pair of eyes looking out for you and your home. If you are not around or if you are expecting some strangers at home then you can just call your neighbours so that nobody should think notorious thinking that you are alone! So if you are getting internet installed or a plumber is going to visit to fix a leaky sink then it is wise to call your neighbours for some time! it may sound paranoid but as mentioned earlier, safety lies in your own hands!

3. Add a non-human Roommate:

We respect your privacy and understand the relevance of independence for you but if you adopt a pet then not only will it make you feel safe and secure but would also provide a companion that would never leave dirty dishes in the sink! Undoubtedly pets can bring litter box to your eyes but they are lovable and caring and would help in alleviating the stress of living alone! Dogs, for instance, are loyal and best friends and they would protect you to the core!

4. Install security system:

In addition to smart door lock system, you should invest in couple other things! When you are living alone installing a home security system is a no-brainer as it is one of the must-do items! You can install a burglar alarm, IP Camera for an added layer of protection and other security items for round the clock monitoring. The security camera will give you crystal clear image and are installed with motion sensors to alert you if something unusual happens.

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