Jim Corbett National Park Travel Guide

“Get trapped into the untamed—travel towards Jim Corbett National Park wherein the royal Bengal cat reigns supreme.”

A protected region for the endangered Bengal tiger, Corbett National Park is named after Edward James Jim Corbett, who was an enchanting writer and legendary tiger hunter. The incredible charm of this wildlife park wins the hearts of numerous wildlife freaks and fascinates them to explore the exotic flora and fauna.

Jim Corbett fall

Cuddled up in the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttaranchal, the park brag of the high possibility of wild cat spotting in its natural habitation. The dark forest cover and the call of sweet birds and wild beasts contribute to a romantic and intense atmosphere and pull the eyes of nature lovers from far and wide.

What to See

Wildlife Attractions

An abode to the elusive Royal Tiger, the wildlife place is still the perfect spot to catch the glance of the wild beast! Don’t worry if you miss the sight of big cat, you would still get the chance to witness the wilderness of barking deer, elephants, chital and sambar.

Hire a jeep safari as it is the most convenient way to explore the grasslands and don’t forget to take the company of an experienced guide. Drive through the opaque and quite forests, discover pug marks, visit the waterholes and take an occasional view of the sloth bears. More than 600 species of reptiles and birds can be spotted here.


No less than like a paradise for bird lovers, the park is a home to more than 580 varieties of exotic birds. Hornbills, Booted hawk eagles, Fish owls, Stone curlew, Owlet, name a few.

Eagle corbett park


Fishing and angling is usually permissible in the Kosi and Ramganga rivers. Make the best of your skills and catch fishes like catfish and mahaseer! Note: for fishing you need to take the consent from the Project Tiger Office (Ramnagar).

River Rafting

Get on your adventurous nerves by pushing yourself into river rafting. The rafting freaks can visit the park during rainy season as it remains closed at this period, but the Kosi River is spilling over with water. Most of the resorts of this area also organize thrilling activities like river crossing, rock climbing, rappelling for rafting enthusiasts

Staying Here

Corbett National Park catches the eyes of travelers from the four corners of the earth. That’s why the resorts and hotels are booked round the year. Before heading to the park, make sure you book your lodge in advance. Ranging from luxurious hotels to budget ones, you can find the lodging facility of your choice without facing much inconvenience.

Gourmet Feasts

If we talk about tantalizing the taste buds at Corbett National Park, try the local places as compared to pricey ones as they serve you an array of sumptuous cuisine. You can try fresh Minestrone soup, which is peppery enough, but will compel you to have one more bowl. Note: alcoholic beverages and non-vegetarian food are not allowed within the park location.

Shopping Delights

The small town of Ramnagar is a delight for shopping freaks. From here you can pick some wildlife memorabilia in reasonable rates. Tiger t-shirts and stuffed tiger toys are the most popular picks.

Cast a glance at a few fast facts

  • State: Uttaranchal
  • District: Nainital
  • Famous for/as: Wildlife
  • Languages: Hindi, English
  • Clothing: Heavy woolen during winters and light cotton clothes during summer season. Keep appropriate rain gear in your travel bag. It is recommended to wear earthy shades like green and brown, in order to gel with the environment. A word of caution—Stay away from strong fragrances and bright hues.
  • Park Timings: The wildlife park is segregated into three sections for public wildlife sighting.
  • Park Safari Timings: The national park generally welcomes its guests at 06.00 in the morning and remains open till 11.00 am. The afternoon timings are 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Corbett National Park is a perfect place to delve into the magic of royal beats and nature’s grandeur. Carry your sense of adventure, binoculars, mosquito repellant…only if you are ready to drench yourself with myriad shades of FUN & FEAR!