10 Must Buys for Diwali in 2018

The  Indian festive season that begins with the auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi comes to a grand climax with Diwali. While spring cleaning, shopping, and exchange of Diwali goodwill gifts remain on top of anyone’s to-do list, there are some things that each of us wishes to purchase for Diwali.

It’s wise to buy things that can make your life a little more easier and happier for the rest of the year. We have come up with a list that you might find to be helpful if you’re confused about what to shop for. However, it’s not an exhaustive one and you might have your own additions to the list as per your budget and priorities.

Here’s our unique take on the Diwali must-buys for 2018:

1. Wireless headphones

Buy Wireless headphones this Diwali

If you’re someone who loves listening to music but is fed up of untangling cables of your headphones while you commute, then gift yourself a pair of good wireless headphones. These are great for use while you jog or exercise. Some quality pairs even come with noise cancelling features.

2. RO purifiers

buy water purifier this Diwali Festival 2018

Health is wealth goes the age-old adage. Since we consume more water than the food or air we breathe, water tends to be one of the most vulnerable sources of many diseases, some even life-threatening.

Save up on your medical bills by bringing home an efficient RO purifier from a trusted brand. India being a country where most urban areas have a supply of hard water, reverse osmosis water purification systems with mineral fortification technology remains on top of our Diwali must-have list.

3. A smart investment scheme

buy investment plan this Diwali 2018

We’re the builders of our fate. Ring in good fortune by wisely planning your future. A smart investment plan can help you double your earnings and provide financial security in times of an emergency. Diwali is the right opportunity to invite lady luck by wisely investing in a mutual funds plan or SIP with good returns after calculating all risks involved. Mutual funds help your money quickly grow. If you prefer a low-risk option for investing your money then you can go for an FD, RD or a PPF. Make your money work for you and not the other way round.

4. Dishwasher

Things to buy this Diwali - dishwasher

Diwali means feasting with family and friends which in turn means more dishes to clean up. There’s no denying the fact that dirty dishes are one of the most annoying tasks that one has to tackle on an everyday basis. So, why not bring home a big size dishwasher to tidy up the greasy dishes for you? Trust us when we say that life will look less of a hassle once you buy this.

Psst! It also saves more water than manual washing.

5. Fitness tracker

Things to purchase this Diwali - Smart fitness tracker

Track your calories burned, heart rate, footsteps and even your sleep hours with just one simple device. You might be surprised how much of a significant difference you can make by adding a fitness tracker into your regime.

6. Aids to make your life more organised

buy a good book this Diwali

Most of us are busy with the customary ritual of tidying up our space in the days leading to Diwali. But what about the rest of the year? It’s always a great idea to improve your organization skills and invest in items that help to make everything cleaner. The more organized your space, the more productive you get.

A good place to start is a read through the international bestseller, “The Life-changing magic of tidying up” by Japanese author, Marie Kondo. A crusader of minimalism, her book has played a pivotal role in spurring the minimalist movement all across the globe.

Many swear by her interesting and simple organisation tips known under the umbrella term, ‘The Konmarie Method’. Trust us when we say that buying this book will help you get a fresh perspective about decluttering.

7. Platinum jewellery

Buy Platinum jewelry this Diwali

Gold is now old and diamonds, though still in demand, have made way for platinum. Considered as one of the rarest metals on earth, platinum jewellery makes for a priceless gift for your loved ones. Trendy rings, earrings, neckpieces, pendants and platinum couple bands are a hit among the new-age jewellery lovers. Platinum’s bright, sophisticated and elegant looks are a stunner.

8. Blender

Things to buy this Diwali - blender mixer juicer food processor

A good quality blender can make your life a whole lot easier. Why do we recommend it? Because a blender can instantly help to create pastes, sauces, batters, soup bases, dips and of course, smoothies. It’s a lifesaver in every kitchen and you can create innumerable recipes by using a few ingredients and a blender. With this appliance around, you will be tempted to try new homemade dishes and drinks which also means that it’s an aid to a healthy lifestyle if used smartly.

9. Perfumes

Buying Fragrances Online

Some things never go out of trend. One of them is the fascination of people with perfumes. Smelling good can have an important impact on how you feel overall and your confidence.

Perfumes from Prada, Victoria’s Secret, Dior remain timeless favourites for many people. Floor your spouses or friends by gifting a bottle of fragrance.

10. Stunning dupattas

Buy Dupattas this Diwali

A gorgeous dupatta or scarf can be a lifesaver in times of a fashion fix. These smart ensemble items can turn any outfit from drab to fab in seconds. Throw in a nice dupatta with a plain kurti and you’re good to go. The latest trending dupatta designs are the classic banarasi dupattas, the intricate and colourful phulkaris, the elegant ikkat and kalamkari with big motifs.

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