Okdesk and its Automation Capabilities

Over the serious automation of his company, many managers are thinking. To this they are forced by growing competition. One example that significantly transforms the commercial structure, reduces the cost of current activities, can be considered a complex Okdesk.

To clarify a lot of questions that arise in relation to the capabilities of the complex, help reading the resource https://nbc.ua/. The blog provides clear examples of how well-thought-out organization of the software accelerates the processing of applications, reduces the likelihood of errors due to human factors.

Some features of the Okdesk system

The use of the Okdesk software package in the work of the commercial structure makes it possible to decide, or rather shift to the computer, the following questions:

Receiving and accounting of applications received from customers. This is not just a database in which employees create entries about incoming applications, it is an automated system that independently processes mail, extracts incoming requests from the stream of letters, inserts the information into the database, performs preliminary processing, and generates and distributes tasks between structural divisions – believes Олег Андриенко, a specialist in this field.

Mobile service. Another example of automation, taking into account the presence of employees of smartphones or other portable devices. Wherever a company employee is located, he can quickly obtain the information he needs, make new data, form queries and receive answers to them.

Customer portal. This part of the complex allows clients to track the progress of the orders independently. At the same time, the necessary information is available to them 24 hours a day and is not “tied” to the office hours of the company’s office.

Analytics. The management of the company at any time can obtain analytical information in the section of interest. At the same time, the formation of information itself is automatic. None of the staff is engaged in this and do not need to give special instructions. The manager at any time can get information in the context of customers, in terms of the number of applications filed, executed, processed, it is easy to withdraw consolidated information in a financial form.

In general, the introduction of the Okdesk system allows you to reduce the number of people involved in the processing of applications, from one to several, it all depends on the size of the company.

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