Reasons to Visit Bangkok and Pattaya!!

People are more concerned about their job and workings more than ever. Doesn’t matter how much they are burnout and embattled with pressure and stress and this insists to go for a vacation. However, when you think of a vacation, the biggest confusion is where to go? It must be some place that has beauty, charm & blast which is full of joy and feels like an escape, the escape from your state of mind.

If you think whether such a place exists! then the answer is ‘Yes! It exists which have the name of Bangkok & Pattaya!

Thailand has some amazing and most inspiring sights on the planet and Bangkok & Pattaya are the heart of Thailand’s beauty.

They both are most visited place in Thailand as well. Most of the visitors who come from there recommend that you must go there at least once in your life. Why so? That’s what this article is for!
Here we are telling you the most exciting reasons that will compel you to visit and book a Bangkok Pattaya package today. So, tighten your seat and let’s go!!!

#1 Coastal & Gorgeous Beaches

Pattaya has astonishing beaches! You can spend a whole day walking over there. If you are finding peace with immense glory, Pattaya Beaches is the place you have to go, buddy!  

Similarly, in Bangkok, you don’t have to wait to see the beaches as they so near just the distance or 2 to 3 hours. If you are thinking of a short trip with affordability, Bangkok Beaches are the place!
The windy and glorious place from which we bet, you never get bored and will wish to stay there forever!

#2 The Dazzled Market

Bangkok is especially famous for its Dazzling nature. The market of Bangkok is worth for sucking hours of your day without even informing you! The Chatuchak Market, also known as the J.J. Market is an amazing example for that. You can find everything here and when we say everything, we really mean it.

In other hands, Pattaya has amazing Street Market. So, all the Shopaholics, this is especially for you. If you are not tired shopping from Bangkok, Pattaya has more to offer! You must visit the night market of Pattaya. There s a variety of gifts for your families and friends and many more things. Believe us, you can spend the whole night in Pattaya market doing nothing but shopping.

However, we are not advising you to go there because once you go with a full wallet, you would not able to restrict yourself taking out the money from the pocket.

#3 Bangkok Affordable Luxury Costs

Both the Bangkok and Pattaya are undoubtedly cheaper than North American and most Western European countries. It’s actually less costly than you think even fits for luxuries such as five starts, personal drivers massage etc.
Luxury hotels take you approx. $100 for a night on discount websites. Also, a massage costs less than $10 per hour. Not according to India but comparing other Western European countries, it is quite less and affordable.

#4 The Nightlife of Bangkok and Pattaya

The Nightlife of these places are awesome and more than glorious you say! You will find your eye twinkling in the light of nights here. The nightclubs, bars, and restaurants are stuffed packed and charmed amazingly to make any night on the town a memorable.

The crazy nights will make you feel this place a dream destination!  This is the actual reason why most of the travelers visit Bangkok and Pattaya- the only reason, to enjoy and live the nightlife of this place! Think how amazing can it be!
What are you thinking? Drinks? Well! There are many resorts that sell drinks and cocktails in quite cheap and affordable cost. So, don’t worry about that!

However, if you want to go with families, Bangkok and Pattaya got the stock for that also. There are many night bars and karaoke stations for families entertainment especially.

#5 Appetizing Food

Here comes, the food lovers reason to visit Bangkok & Pattaya! The most Appetizing food which sight is enough for watering your mouth.

The street food of Bangkok got an amazing deal with amazing foods. They offer delicious food at really cheap prices. And you won’t believe but the best food in Bangkok is served on the street side. It’s fun and worth eating on the street side with the awesome environment with mouth-watering food!

In Pattaya, the restaurants are so cheap also. Thai cuisine is here loved by most of the visitors and recommend it as well. There are attractions such as Fried insects and any more dishes. This is one of the most solid reasons why people like to spend their time in Thailand.

These were the most amazing reasons why you should visit Bangkok and Pattaya when you are out for vacation. Make your trip memorable and visit Bankok and Pattaya, trust us, you won’t regret it!

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